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iPad plus Skype is your new home phone

13 May

When I purchased my iPad, I was not a Skype user. I didn’t like being tied to the computer to talk on the phone. Since I installed Skype (for iPhone) on the iPad, I have been amazed at what a great phone this device is.

My work requires that I spend a few hours on the phone once in a while. Most of this time is just listening, with the phone muted. My Android phone has very small buttons that can be difficult to hit when someone asks me a question. This is not a problem on the iPad. The on-screen buttons are huge, and very easy to hit, even at 2am.

Since my work conference call number is toll-free, I can use Skype without paying a dime. Skype plus iPad is my new home phone! Since the iPad 2 has a camera, I can also enable video whenever I’m calling another Skype user.

Bottom line: Drop whatever phone service you have at home, and get Skype. If you also want unlimited long distance to USA and Canada, it cost $30 a year!


Welcome to iPad

8 May

Let me start with some back story. I’ve been a Windows user for over 20 years. I’ve never owned any Apple products other than an iPod. By any definition, I’m not an Apple “Fanboy”.

When Marcy’s six year old Compaq notebook started to have problems, I asked her if we could get a tablet for the living room. I was tired of all the cables and clutter on the coffee table. She said “Yes” and 4 weeks later we are the proud parents of a 16GB Black iPad 2.

We are both Android users, and all of my friends were shocked to hear about our trip to the “Apple Dark Side”. I simply wanted the best available tablet for the best price.

There is NO DOUBT in my mind, that I made the right choice. This is the first post, of many, where I will try to communicate the reasons for that statement.

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