iPad plus Skype is your new home phone

13 May

When I purchased my iPad, I was not a Skype user. I didn’t like being tied to the computer to talk on the phone. Since I installed Skype (for iPhone) on the iPad, I have been amazed at what a great phone this device is.

My work requires that I spend a few hours on the phone once in a while. Most of this time is just listening, with the phone muted. My Android phone has very small buttons that can be difficult to hit when someone asks me a question. This is not a problem on the iPad. The on-screen buttons are huge, and very easy to hit, even at 2am.

Since my work conference call number is toll-free, I can use Skype without paying a dime. Skype plus iPad is my new home phone! Since the iPad 2 has a camera, I can also enable video whenever I’m calling another Skype user.

Bottom line: Drop whatever phone service you have at home, and get Skype. If you also want unlimited long distance to USA and Canada, it cost $30 a year!


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