A Toast for Hope Benefit for Jim McLaughlin

25 Feb

As many of you know, I used to be in a few bands back in the 90’s. One of those bands was Open Focus, and the singer/leader of that band was a good friend of mine, Jim McLaughlin. Jim has a disease of the eye that has caused him to go blind.

The following is an email from his sister about a fundraiser @ Chimayo’s in HB, next to the pier. Jim is one of the nicest people I have ever met, and it breaks my heart to hear this sad news.

Please consider attending this event. It will be quite a party, and all the proceeds will go to a VERY worthy cause.

Please call Chimayo’s directly at 714-374-7273. Ask them to be put on the list for the Tuesday, March 6th event. You do not have to pay until you arrive at the door.

Thank you in advance,

I am writing to invite you to a fundraiser for my brother and his family at a nice restaurant called, Chimayo at the Beach, in Huntington Beach on Tuesday, March 6 from 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm.?

I am not sure if you all know, but my big brother, Jim, has lost most of his vision, due to a disease called Macular Degeneration. He just turned 40 and his eyes are so bad right now that he can not drive and can not work. He works for IBM and receives a paycheck, but after March, he may not. He and his wife have five children ranging in age from 1 to 12. His wife, Marianne, is a Banquet Manager for Chimayo at the Beach, which has really great food and is right on the sand.? Chimayo heard about their situation and wanted to help them by putting on a formal fundraiser, A Toast for Hope for Jim McLaughlin, to help pay for his very expensive chemo-therapy medical treatments.

We just can’t think of a nicer gesture of support than what Chimayo is doing for Jim and his family. Even if you don’t know me or my brother and his family, please come and have a nice night?away from the kids eating some great?appetizers and drinking fine wines and spirits. Chimayo’s is only charging $25.00 per person for pre-sale tickets, if you call and put your name on the list before March 2 or $30.00 per person at the door the night of the party.??It includes fancy all you can eat appetizers and fine drinks, drawings (I think one is a 46′ flat screen LCD TV) and some pretty fabulous silent auctions as well. ?I’ve eaten there many times and the food is incredible and for $25.00 each (all you can eat & drink), that is a deal.? It is not everyday someone puts on a first class fundraiser to help a family like yours or mine, so I wanted to pass this on to let you know people really do care about others out there and to see if you would like to join us for the evening.?

My family and I would love to have you with us that night.? You will get to meet and help a very special person and a very special family (and fill your tummy with some great food).??So?I hope you all can make it March 6th.? And if you are like me, I love any reason to get dressed up and out of my daily mommy clothes!? : )?

Please call Chimayo’s directly at 714-374-7273. Ask them to be put on the list for the March 6th event.
Thank You, Kerri Ann


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